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15 safety tips for riding in a crowded city (1)
Dec 21, 2017

15 safety tips for riding in a crowded city (1)

Close your eyes and memory the last time you were riding in a crowded traffic, imagine the vehicles around you, walking around you and walking by you. Imagine you adjusted your speed, read the sign on the street, watch, wait for the traffic lights, look at the ground zebra crossing, and guess what the pedestrian will do. There are those who call, watching the phone driver, or screaming children, imagine what they want to do?

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Riding in the car flow may be a nightmare, especially the novice. There are always so many motorcycle collision in the crowded street burning, it’s not strange. In normal traffic jams, a motorcyclist has to deal with several things at the same time. Made, means that multiple projects completed at the same time at a heat. And the reaction to each one is consistent with each other, is entirely correct. Fail means human killer. Here are 15 smart ways to deal with traffic congestion:

1. watch the car driver

Looking through the windows and mirrors to see the driver's head movement is a good way to anticipate sudden movements. Most drivers do not move left (or right) fierce steering before moving their head.

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2. Pay attention to your reflector, but can not believe it all


Mirror is lifesaving, but it can not tell you the whole road conditions, you need timely and appropriate adjustments.Taking a quick glance at your shoulders while riding will gather lots of traffic information around you that makes you safer.

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3. Do not drive on the right side of the line

This sounds almost too simple, but every year car driver kills a large number of riders as he goes out of the ramp. The simple rule is: Never ride between the vehicle and the ramp. Right side of the road is generally taboo, but in this era, sometimes have to do so. So, if you do this, you can only be as cautious as you can like at a crossing and reduce your speed.

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4. Be ready to brake in crowded traffic

In crowded traffic, you have to react very often, which means you can not ignore the brake lever or pedal control. Always hold one or two fingers holding the brake lever and your right toe close to the rear brake pedal to minimize reaction time. You need to ready these actions all the time.

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