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15 safety tips for riding in a crowded city(3)
Dec 23, 2017

15 safety tips for riding in a crowded city (3)

11. Riding in the open area

Ride in the open area with the motivation and mobility of your motorcycle. There is always a certain distance in the traffic, find them and ride in them. Doing this will separate you from the four-wheel drive and give you more maneuvering space and keep you out of the blind spot. Pay attention to change your speed at any time. Riding along with the current may prevent you from seeing other drivers, especially when the traffic is heavy.

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12. Use the thumbs

Change the bad habits that when you turn off the lights, you don't pay attention to the traffic. The flickering signal tells the straight driver to wait, because you're going to turn. So take that switch a few times a minute, rather than a bad one, better than a crash, isn't it?

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13. Thin benefits

The big advantage of a two-wheeled motor bike over a four-wheeled vehicle is that they are more mobile in the lane, and turning left or right can see what's going on in front. When you look at the car or look through their windshield, you can get a lot of extra time to react.

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14. More than one outlet

Motorcycles really fall easily. But they are also light, narrow and superb maneuverability, so you might as well learn to capitalize on your strengths before things get worse. So it is not just hard to brake in complex situations. There is always an escape route. There is always something else, and it's changing all the time.

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15. Take Cover

This one is simple, we bet that most of you have already done this: When you're driving to a road junction, you can let large vehicles escort you to keep other vehicles from hitting you. If the stupid drove toward you on the left or the right, he would turn on the light, and the better result would be to get them to hit the van next to you, right? For the same reason, do not rush through a junction as soon as the traffic light turns green. Be patient and use the car next to cover you.

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