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15 safety tips for riding in a crowded city(2)
Dec 22, 2017

15 safety tips for riding in a crowded city (2)

6. Get ready for your torque

In riding, the relatively lower gear can be more easily pulled higher speed to get more torque. Doing so will make it possible to overtake more efficiently, without leaving your car in parallel with the car you want to overtake for longer periods of time. The sound of higher speeds alerts the surrounding vehicles and pedestrians.

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7. Prevent the car chasing your tail

When the traffic suddenly slows down, make sure to the left or right of the car in front of you. This will give you an escape route if necessary. If the car behind you fails to stop in time, it will also help you avoid being knocked flat into a hood trim. Once you stop, always be ready - clutch, your motorcycle in the right gear, your eyes should be fixed on the mirror. Because you will never know what will happen.

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8. Be observant and alert very much

As you ride your bike, keep scanning the entire environment, from the meter to the reflector to the blind spot in front of you. Eyes on the all road, listen to all directions, so that we can better respond. But be careful not to focus too long in one place.


9. Precautions of left turn

When a car is approaching ready to stop and turn left, your lights should be bright so the driver can see you (even during the day) but can not save you. Focus on the wheel of the car or the driver's hand on the steering wheel. If you see it moving, getting ready for braking, turning or accelerating, decide which one is the best choice.

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10. Observe the pavement

Strength the glazing of the glance. Look for spilled oil, antifreeze or fuel; it usually shows as a shining pavement. At the same time please pay attention to gravel or sand, which is usually more difficult to see. Also use your sense of smell, your nose may be perceptible before the oil adheres to your tire.