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Advantages of LED taillights for motorcycles
Jan 29, 2018

Compared with traditional halogen bulb type taillights, the LED taillights have the following advantages:

1.For the appearance, the color of LED taillights is very pure. In optics, what we call color is actually the wavelength of light. The wavelength of light emitted by LED taillights is determined by the characteristics of LED. Therefore, LED taillights can bring out any color and no variegated colors.

2. energy saving; compared with the traditional bulb type taillight, the LED taillight can save at least half of the electric energy, and can effectively reduce the load of the vehicle.

3. anti vibration; LED taillights, unlike glass packages, are less vibrant. It is very suitable for motorcycles.

4. long life; at present, the life of LED taillights for motorcycles on the market can reach more than 50 thousand hours, which is much longer than the traditional halogen bulb taillights.