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Can motorcycles add No. 95 gasoline
Mar 29, 2018

Motorcycle can add 95 gasoline, at least there is no harm. But if the compression ratio is not too high, for example, the compression ratio is below 9.5:1, No. 92 gasoline is OK, there is no need to add 95. The level of gasoline Marks does not represent the quality or cleanliness of the oil, but to the compression ratio of the engine. It is no use to blindly add the high number of gasoline, and it has no advantage.

It depends on the compression ratio of the engine for which kind of gasoline should be used. The general engine compression ratio of more than 9.5:1 is suitable for the use of No. 95 gasoline, compression ratio lower motorcycle, higher gasoline is not of any use, for the general motorcycle, 92 or 95 gasoline is mostly no difference or obvious difference, unless the compression ratio is higher, otherwise no It's necessary to use a high number of gasoline.