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Green Hand Must Learn How to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents
Dec 17, 2017

Here JC will chat with you about motorcycles. There must be many people are eager to join the army of knights, JC welcome the new friends. Schools teach basic driving skills, so let's chat safety here.    

Relevant data show that the highest rate of motorcycle accidents and mortality within a certain mileage. After all, motorcycle protective measures also couldn’t secure you in all respects. Here I will give five advice to the green hand, which is of great significance. Please should remember in you mind, not just like recite politics or just for tests.




1. Must Wear Helmets

GHSTA (the national highway safety transportation administration) study shows that helmets help riders reduce 37% and passengers reduce 41% of the fatal injury in traffic accidents. The helmets save 1892 knights in 2008, but 822 knights died in the same year without helmets. GHSTA points out that there would be another results if they wear helmets.



So, riders must wear helmets. Just buy a 20 yuan plastic shell to put it on your head is not useful. You must buy a proper helmet with good quality.

2. Drinking without Driving, Riding without Drinking

Riding to take a party with friends, such as eating hot pot and drinking. However, be careful, don’t chase the wind and freedom after drinking. Alcohol can cause certain influence on people's reflex, and reducing the instantaneous response. GHSTA said that 29% of fatal injuries happened in 2010, whose alcohol in blood is abnormal.  



“That's OK, I just drink one mouthful, and five minutes I’ll ride home, it’s absolutely nothing”, this kind of behaviour is really 100% wrong, for there have been lots of negative samples.  

3.Riding Slowly

 If you enjoy speed and the furious feeling, then you will be very easy to fall in love with motorcycles. Most people “indulge in” motorcycles, for they like the feeling of flying—any kind of machine couldn’t give the unspeakable pleasure in the riding. 


   Bad news is that according to the GHSTA report, 35% of cycling accidents are caused by fast speed. Is there any worse news? The 35% accidents just because riders not control right hands well, so enjoy the pleasure of speed must under the safe conditions.  Learn to restraint yourself, and there are many opportunities to enjoy more journeys.


4. Practice Riding Skills in Safe Field

 Here JC just say the ordinary riding skills, not extremely special skills. The learners is easy to make a mistake that ride extremely fast. In their eyes, the fast way to be mature is riding on the road. However, this approach is with great risk.


Green hands need to learn more from the experienced riders.You can take part in professional training, if the condition is allowed. Meanwhile, communicate with your motorcycle in a safe field.

5. Don’t Ride Motorcycles at Risk

Due to various reasons, many motorcycle friends can’t help to compare with cars. Motorcycles’ security is extremely less than cars’, when they compare skills between them. It is greatly dangerous for the knights who are green hands.

In addition, we should own the spirit of knights since the day we become knights. Not only because knights spirit is greatly valuable and worth learning, also for domestic people pay many attention to the change of motorcycles under the environment of prohibiting motorcycle riding. So gentle and friendly cycling is direct contribution to motorcycles riding.

Is there anything to speak all experienced riders,?