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History of Classic caterpillar motorcycle
Jul 27, 2018

In the early 1930s, the Germans were keen on the development of semi crawler cars, and developed a variety of semi crawler vehicles such as 1t, 3T, 8t, 12t, 18t, 24t and so on, and named them with the HK series. Among them, the small semi tracked vehicle is named HK100, which is developed by the Sixth Department of ordnance Bureau. The purpose is to develop a semi tracked vehicle that can be transported by air. The research work began in 1939. In the process of development, the development of light semi crawler vehicles in Austria was made very fast. In the early 1940, a sample car was made. In the year, 70 trial production vehicles were made, and extensive tests were carried out. In 1941, 420 vehicles were produced, the first vehicle was formally equipped with German troops in June 5, 1941, 985 in 1942, 2450 in 1943 and 4490 in 1944. The initial code was Kfz.620, named after the Sdkfz.2 special vehicle. German is called kettenLirad, which means "crawler motorcycle".