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How to adjust the shock absorber of the motorcycle so as to achieve the best control effect?
Dec 07, 2017

Suspension is usually made up of two parts: springs and dampers

The spring is the main part of the suspension. This spring is like the usual way we use a spring in a ballpoint pen, but it's much bigger. The spring absorbs the impact force of the ground through the elastic part, and ensures the contact between the tire and the ground. The damper is a device for controlling the tightness and resilience of the spring.

A damper is like a cylinder filled with oil. The speed of moving up and down of the air pump depends on the size of the through hole and the viscosity of the oil. All the cars have springs and dampers, the springs are hidden on the forks, and the shock absorbers are exposed to the outside.

The suspension on the front and rear wheels is separate, and the response can be made according to the condition of the road and the way of riding.

Preparations for adjusting the suspension:

Find the user manual of the original factory. The pamphlet includes the following:

1 you can adjust what;

2 the screws and knobs hanging before and after the adjustment are in the position of the car.

The suspension settings recommended by the 3 manufacturer (if you are using a modified suspension such as Ohlins, need to contact manufacturers to get the recommended suspended data), which are very useful information.