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How to prevent motorcycle rust(part two)
Mar 06, 2018

Second, the gasoline in the carburetor will be stopped for a long time, and the carburetor will not be efficient even if the carburetor can start the car.

Again, the lead-acid battery is a battery that needs to maintain a high voltage type. For a long time, the vehicle will cause loss of electricity, the lead plate will decompose rapidly and the electrolyte will evaporate. Basically, the battery that has been put on the vehicle for more than half a year without any treatment will be scrapped.

Also, the car appearance, especially the homemade chrome plated parts, will not be rode without rubbing for a long time, it will also oxidize quickly, after a period of time, it will rust, seriously affecting the appearance of the whole vehicle.

Motorcycle long time parking has not played the middle support, the tire is easy to be pressed and deformed, accompanied by cracking, which seriously affects the safety of riding again.