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In addition to the oil filter, these 17 items also need regular maintenance
Dec 25, 2017

A lot of friends who just starts ride motorcycles understood it as a mobile phone. They thought they had go to the gas station when their bikes are lack of oil, but they didn't know that many oil liquids need to be replaced regularly. Today, we will learn what things should be regularly changed.

1.Engine oil (3000-5000 kilometers);

2.Oil filter core (3000-5000 km)

3.Air filtration (10000-20000 km)

4.Gasoline filter (20000-50000 km)

5.Gear oil (10000-20000 kilometers)

6.Antifreeze (3-5 years)

7.Spark plug (50000-100000 kilometers)

8.Tires (10000-50000 kilometers)

9.Brake pads (10000-30000 kilometers)

10.Brake disc (30000-100000 kilometers)

11.Brake oil (3-5 years)

12.Clutch oil (3-5 years)

13.Battery (3-5 years)

14.Shock absorption oil (3-5 years)

15.Chain (10000-20000 kilometers)

16.Output gear (20000-50000 km)

17.Belt (10000-20000 kilometers)