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Information about motorcycle lights
Dec 27, 2017

As the winter coming, the time of the day is getting earlier than before.The visibility becomes very low with the haze and sandstorm. Lots of riders will study the lights to improve the lighting situation. Today, we will learn how to distinguish different lights.

1. halogen car lamp

The most commonly used light bulbs, which could see everywhere. Headlights, taillights, turn lights can use halogen bulb. Just as the name, it is an upgraded version of the incandescent lamp, which added some halogen material to make up for incandescent tungsten light after heating evaporation and under the same power than incandescent lights 1.5 times, the increase of service life of 2~3 times.


2. Xenon car lamp

The xenon lamp is abbreviated to HID, which refers to the high pressure gas discharge lamp. The xenon lamp is a heavy metal lamp, by filling a variety of chemical gas in UV crystal quartz glass tubes, such as xenon inert gas, and then through the booster vehicle 12 volt power supply instantly to 23000 volts, under high voltage, xenon can be ionized and emit light in power between the poles, because the moment is very high starting voltage no, in the vehicle ignition, when the generator is not working on battery damage is huge, and very easy to cause the costs of electricity, battery point status.


3. LED car lights

LED lights are solid-state semiconductor devices that can convert electrical energy into visible light. The chip is mainly composed of two parts, respectively is P type semiconductor and N type semiconductor, a "P-N" formed between them, when the current through the wires of the electronic chip, will be to P area, P area in electron hole with composite, and then to form a photonic energy.