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Low tire pressure causes your motorcycle higher fuel consumption
Dec 02, 2017

Low tire pressure will cause the increasing of sinking volume, load of the tread edge. As a result, the shoulder is worn too early, and the rolling resistance is increased, which is unfavorable to the oil saving and the tires. It is necessary to check the tire pressure regularly, both in terms of safety and fuel economy.

Different types of motorcycles have different tire pressure, and the tire pressure required is different when driving the front and rear wheels and single or double drivers, but generally it is not possible to adjust tire pressure when driving on a single or double driving.

A professional can be judged according to the tire pressure and tire pressure gauge on the small household motorcycle for example, 125 displacement around the curved beam and straddle the front tire about 2.25 rear tire about 2.75, scooter front tire is about 2 after the tire is about 2.50.