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Motorcycle Amateurs Must Possess A Few Basic Items and Take Precautions!
Dec 16, 2017


Motorcycle already has one hundred years of history. People have a lot of misunderstanding to motorcycles in the modern society, and even many of them think that motorcycles are not allowed on freeway. Only people who rode motorcycles know how fast, convenient and environmental motorcycles are. As a knight, no matter how much is your motorcycle, you should take basic protection and take right attitudes to ride, making people who do not ride see the most perfect behaviour of the knights.

Basic Riding Items


Motorcycle helmet is a kind of protection device to protect riders’ head. Its main purpose is to protect the knight's head in accidents, avoid or reduce damage and save the knight's life.


Regardless of the riding conditions, helmet is indispensable for knights and the best protection for the security.



Cycling Clothing

Everyone should be aware of the importance of the cycling clothing. Common cycling clothes generally can be divided into road cycling uniform, drag suits and racing suits, which can cover 90% of the rider's body.

Comfort and suitable is greatly important for choosing cycling clothes. Only the clothes are suitable, they can protect the knights well when riders fall down. Otherwise it would be easily misplaced and protect you not well. So riders shall go to markets try and compare more and buy the most suitable one.

Riding Boots

    Every journey begins with a small step. Riding boots are essential for motorcycle lovers. Now the appearance and quality of riding boots have done very well. That can protect your calves,ankle and toes in accidents, and it is comprehensive protection for your foot.




Sometimes the importance of gloves will be ignored. Generally our hands touch the ground firstly in collisions or accidents, and good cycling gloves will reduce the harm to hands in accidents.


  Riding Precautions Prohibited Overtaking

Riding motorcycle makes people feel free, but we also need to obey the traffic rules. No matter how hurry you are, illegally riding and deliberately overtaking is not allowed.That behaviour is making fun of your life and please think twice before acceleration, for accidents usually happen at one second.

Use Lights and Horns Rightly

Whistle is necessary when there are people and vehicles in front, especially light is dim in the evening, and more vehicles on the road. Don't be too confident in your driving skills, thinking that it is nothing without light. For it must be terrible when others also not turn on the lights. Of course, you should try to reduce the chance of whistle. 


Vehicle Maintenance

Take motorcycles as your lovers to take care of it, with regular maintenance, cleaning, and change the oil on time when necessary. All these you can see on the manual book. That needs to check whether the tire works well and pump up the tires on time after riding for a period.

Refused to Overload

Cherish life and refused to overload. Generally, motorcycle only could carry two persons. One motorcycle with four or five persons for convenience is prohibited. Especially for some students in school, who are future of flowers. If there is only one motorcycle, double journey to the destination, which is responsible for their safety.