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Projects that should be checked before the start of a two wheeled motorcycle.
Feb 05, 2018

The necessary safety inspection should be carried out before the motorcycle is sent out to ensure that each machine is flexible and effective. Taking two wheeled motorcycles as an example, a safety check should be carried out in the following aspects:

1. the free travel and function of the brake rod (the free stroke is about 15 - 20mm).

2. whether the wheel has loosened and skewed;

3. Whether the pressure of the tire is suitable;

4. round key is loose or tight (check key into the round elastic fingers can be used according to the key to 20mm or so is appropriate, whether the lack of oil);

5. the handlebar is flexible, there are no metal wires hung, loose;

6. before and after the shock absorption is normal, left and right to shock the red fruit is the same;

7. All kinds of indicator lights are normal.

8. Whether the reflector has been adjusted well;

9. The muffler has good noise elimination function, strong installation and no loose damage.

10, exhaust emission is normal, there is no black smoke, smoke and other serious do not meet the national emission standards of the phenomenon.