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Riding Motorcycle Tips at Night
Dec 15, 2017

Many riders like riding at night, especially they will release working pressure out of the room in the warm days. However, the traffic light is very poor at night, so the riders must properly use vehicle light with the normal lighting system. 


 Allow the Tips:

1.Driving at night, the speed can be a bit faster on flat road , having clear sight and turning on the beam light. The speed should be reduced for the uneven road or complicated traffic situation.

2. Riders should reduce the speed in advance and change lights continuously when turning at night. It should be dipped lights when close to the turning, and ride on the right side with turning light.

3. Lamplet or double flashes should be used during the riding stop at night to avoid a collision.

4.It should turn on lamplet and ride on the right side when passing each other at night, and open the headlamps when go far. Some riders may have myopia or astigmatism, and people will be blind if they are faced with headlamps on the way home from work.

5.Change beam lights and dipped lights continuously indicates that you will overtake other vehicles(now most vehicles have overtaking lights ), and disorderly overtaking is prohibited. That should ride carefully on the side when the vehicle all drive fast.

6. Just turn on lamplet when ride on the downtown flat road with good vision.

7. Riders should observe the road signs and judge the road out of experience, when the vision is not clear at 




   If riders discover the front lights suddenly cut off, it might be a sharp turning, also may be a slope pit or a steep hill. That should be immediately slowing down, if necessary, stop to take observation before driving. Generally, the front road may be a slow turning if the light is just on one side.

When the lighting distance is shortened, the engine power is decreased and the vehicle speed is decreased, all that indicates the vehicle is uphill.

When the lighting distance is extending and the speed is increasing, all that indicates that the motorcycle is on the downhill. The engine should maintain sufficient power when it is uphill, while you control speed when it is downhill.  

     If the lights suddenly disappeared in front, and there's a clatter of thunder. Don't think about it, man, you should stop to help people.



    Always remember that safety is the most important point, especially the domestic road illegal conditions, such as cutting in, emergent brake, lights opening wrongly, and improperly vehicle parked.

Keep safety and legal rules in your mind, which is not only for your own safety, also for others. Don’t break the rules and hurt mutual sides.