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What are the precautions for driving a heavy motorcycle?
Dec 18, 2017


What are the precautions for driving a heavy motorcycle?

Heavy duty locomotives usually have to be manually shifted, usually with the left hand pinch the clutch, the left toe hook, the shift lever to raise and lower the gear. Lift are linear, can not jump files. No reverse gear.The car will turn off if clutch release too fast even at the first gear.


Unlike cars, heavy duty locomotives have front and rear brakes, rear brakes on the right toes, and front brakes on the right. Only the front brake wheel may fly the driver thrown out, only the rear brake wheel braking distance is too long. Emergency braking needs to be carried out at the same time front and rear brake, it is not easy to grasp.

Heavy duty locomotives locomotives accelerate very quickly, with a 250 cc car for 8 seconds, a car above 1000 cc can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3 seconds and may get thrown off without being psychologically prepared.

If inadvertently instability, the right hand may subconscious grip, resulting in increased throttle, if accidentally dropped, the vehicle may be fly out.

Compared with cars and locomotives are too small, it is easy to be overlooked, so do not be too dark clothes, to avoid clinging behind other vehicles, but also should try to avoid parallel with the car, lights should always be on when you are in expressway.


Unreliable midline when riding a road too close, so as not to bend in the corner hit the opposite car.

Heavy duty locomotive emergency avoid sudden obstacles need more space than the car.

Cross-bucket locomotive driving characteristics and ordinary heavy-duty locomotive have a lot of difference, turning, braking when the trailing bucket will remain inertia, leading to the front deviation.

Rain, fallen leaves, gravel, potholes, tram tracks, and zebra crossing all may cause the tire to slip.

The exhaust pipe may cause burns, so try to get out of the vehicle from left (the exhaust pipe is usually on the right).

Easy to tip over when parked on a soft or uneven floor, difficult to lift, and potentially damaging and crushing people and property.

Motorcycles don't have seat belts and outer frame, in the event of an accident, people will be in directly  contact with the ground or other objects. When rubbing the ground at high speed, the skin will fall off completely in only a few seconds. The impact on the head will be more direct and lethal, while the probability of a motorcycle accident head injury is 50%. Therefore, the helmet is absolutely not less, the clothes must be wearable to leather or mixed materials is better, ordinary jeans almost play no protective role. Gloves and boots are just as important.

If you feel hot, remember:

Winds cool well when riding high-speed

If you fly out, there really is only one coat between the sand-like road and your skin

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