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Which is the most important and most complex part of motorcycle?
Dec 08, 2017

Which is the most important and most complex part of motorcycle?

Maybe someone says it's an engine, but the engine is a system, not a component! Maybe someone says the clutch, this is really not. Maybe someone says it's a gear group, and that's not the case. Which one is that?

I think the most important and complex part is the igniter for carburetor car, and ECU for a eletric car! Today we'll get to know the igniter and teach you how to replace and identify its lines.

The most common igniter is the AC igniter and the DC igniter. The two ignition mainly has three kinds of interface are both single, double mouth, mouth, the mouth of the two most can be put 7 lines, but generally have a maximum of 6 lines or 5 lines; the single most can put 6 lines, but generally placed 4 lines or 5 lines.

No matter what kind of interface, no matter how many lines, it must have the following functions. They are trigger line, high voltage line, tie line and power supply line. The power supply line is from AC coil, it is called AC igniter, and the power supply line is from the battery, it is called DC igniter. In addition to the above four main functional lines, some may also have flameout lines and speed lines. When replacing the igniter, the original igniter can be butted in line with the line color, and it usually needs to be butted according to the function line.