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Which speed makes the motorcycle fuel-efficient?
Jan 03, 2018

Which speed makes the motorcycle fuel-efficient?

Whether the fuel economy is an important indicator that measures the performance of motorcycle, and also is a main topic that motorcycle drivers often talk about. Among many factors that affect fuel consumption, weather and road conditions can not be controlled, and the motorcycle can’t be changed once we bought and ride them. Today let’s talk about which driving habit is the most fuel-efficient.



Q: What is the most fuel efficient driving speed?

A: The economic speed of a motorcycle about 50km/h. When the speed increases to 80km/h, the fuel consumption will increase by 15%, while it will increase by 25% at 90 km/h.


Q : How to start motorcycle is the most fuel-efficient?

A : Slow down after proper preheating on the road Cold

Before starting, properly preheat is necessary. It is recommended to screw the key to the power supply position, and start the engine after the yellow light extinguished. 1 minute start-up in summer can be on the road, in winter or northeast region, may be appropriately extended to 3 minutes.

Hot car process should be carried out in slow driving. Step-up can be accelerated in order, generally 3-5 minutes to normal use.

Note: EFI engine should try to avoid the original idle hot motorcycle. Because this engine has a variety of sensing systems that can automatically adjust, if we hot the motorcycle in place, the induction system will accept high temperature information!


 Q: Which gear is the most fuel-efficient during riding motorcycle?

 A: When driving a shift to maintain smooth movement, acceleration does not hurl throttle, as long as the gear and vehicle speed can be equipped with.

Motorcycle stalls must start with a file, a lot of user convenience map, motorcycle forcibly started through the clutch, so that a great deal of damage to the motorcycle, but will make the clutch damaged and fuel consumption! When the vehicle speed of 20 yards later, the motorcycle can be linked to two files, 30 yards after hanging third gear, and so on. Special attention, in order to make the motorcycle fuel-efficient must not throttle the throttle, or stop using the brakes!


 Q: What is the most fuel-efficient maintenance action ?

 A: Regularly change the oil, check gasoline, air, oil filter and tire pressure.

10% or 20% increase in fuel consumption for a poorly maintained engine and an overly dirty air filter may also result in a 10% increase in fuel consumption. According to the manufacturer's requirements, driving a certain kilometers (usually oil filter 7000 km, 5000 km dry paper filter ) to replace the filter, the oil must be replaced regularly to ensure engine lubricity.

Tire pressure is insufficient, the rolling resistance will greatly increase. According to the test, the tire pressure is 2psi lower than the specified value , and the fuel consumption will increase by 1% .Therefore, it is best to regularly check the tire pressure. In addition, the use of certain green tires, the average can also reduce 3% - 8% of fuel consumption.