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Why new motorcycles need to be run in
Apr 24, 2018

Why new cars need to be run in?

The motorcycle engine is a high-speed internal combustion engine with a speed of up to 10,000 revolutions per minute. With such a high rotational speed, all moving parts, including the meshing of the gears, the meshing between the gears and the chain, the camshafts and the shaft seats, the pistons and the cylinders need a certain time of matching and adaptation. Metal parts are machined and the surface has different accuracy requirements and dimensional tolerances. To achieve high-speed operation, the first step is to ensure the running-in of each moving part. Before leaving the factory, the motorcycle has undergone a preliminary cold grinding (the engine is driven by an external force in a non-combustion state), so the factory motorcycle can be driven at a certain speed. But to achieve the desired speed, it must be done carefully before it can be realized. The good or bad run-in has a great influence on the life of the engine.