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You should choose the proper viscosity of the motorcycle gear oil in winter
Dec 26, 2017

Riding in the winter is a challenge for knights and is also a challenge for vehicle, especially for the engine oil. So in winter riding, you need to make better oil for your bike. First of all, the choice of oil in winter: many friends do not understand the true meaning of the oil mark, in fact, this mark represents the viscosity of the oil. For the "10W-50" label, "W" represents Winter. The low temperature fluidity better W "in front of the number of the novel Ming oil, representing the available environmental temperature is low, the better the protection ability of the engine during the cold start, 0W oil can represent resistance to external low temperature of -35 DEG C, 5W -30 C 10W is -25 C 15W is -20 DEG C, so the winter season to see your choice of oil temperature. And the number behind "W" is an indicator of the high temperature resistance of the oil, and the greater the value of the oil, the better the protection performance of the oil at high temperature. It is suggested that large self heating vehicles, such as Halley and other large displacement air cooling machines and heavy vehicles, will use 10W-50 in winter, which will help the engine to achieve better lubrication effect.