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Appreciate Refit Of YOSHIMURA HAYABUSA TX-1 Motorcycle
Jul 20, 2018

The Thailand Bangkok International Motorcycle Exhibition began in July 4th. The Thailand International Motorcycle Exhibition is the same as the Motorcycle Exhibition held in other areas, including YAMAHA, BMW, Royal Enfield, Benelli and other motorcycle brands.

This is a special introduction to the "YOSHIMURA HAYABUSA TX-1" modification in the SUZUKI exhibition area. The modified YOSHIMURA HAYABUSA TX-1 introduced in this paper is based on the 100 YOSHIMURA HAYABUSA X-1 limited introduced in 2000 for upgrading and upgrading.

The TX-1 was not done by Japan's YOSHIMURA JAPAN, but was remodeled by the YOSHIMURA ASIA, which was established in Thailand in 2013, with the local SUZUKI in Thailand.

TX-1's body does not use X-1's original parts directly, but it adds a new design to reduce the weight of the body from the standard version of the 266 to 222.