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China Motorcycle Tire Manufacturer - Tire Flatness Rate
Dec 02, 2016

The outer diameter of the tire is kept as constant as possible so that the optimal handling performance of the vehicle does not change and the speedometer does not exhibit errors. For example: four-cylinder Cherokee Jeep, the original car using the P215 / 75R15 tires, in order to make the original car driving more stable, more beautiful exterior, can be replaced by the original P215 / 75R15 tires P235 / 70R15 tires, Although the width is widened from 215mm to 235mm, but the flat rate from 75 series to 70 series, so the overall height of the tire has not changed, so the effect will be better. In addition, such as ordinary type Santana sedan using the 185 / 70R13 tires, it can be replaced by 195 / 60R14 tires, tire width from 185mm widened to 195mm, the flat rate from 70 series down to 60 series, the wheels added by the 13in 14in, so that vehicles will be more stable up, the braking performance will be greatly improved, in addition, the appearance will be more beautiful and engaging.