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China 's Motorcycle Tire Manufacturers - Tire Wear And Tear
Dec 02, 2016

Tire middle wear, but also very heartbreaking thing, a good tire, both sides of the pattern has not been grinding almost, but the middle part of the tread has been polished, can not continue to use, resulting in economic losses. There are a lot of drivers feel inexplicable, how the middle of the tire will be polished it? No matter how the corner, no matter how the brakes, and no matter what kind of road driving, it should be on both sides of the tire is worn, not the middle of the tire is worn. In fact, the main reason for the middle of the crown or because of air pressure, but not because of lack of air pressure, but because of excessive pressure caused by.

Tire pressure too much, will make the middle part of the crown crown, so ahead of contact with the ground, which is like a carpenter with planing planing wood, the protruding part of the plane must go. Tires, too, when the tires inflated too much, the middle part of the crown will be convex (jargon, also known as the steeple) When the tire is running, the first protruding parts of the crown contact with the ground, the largest force, so wear the fastest So that when the shoulder portion of the tire has not yet worn, the middle portion of the tire crown has been ground, resulting in a great loss of the tire.