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How To Design Harley Motorcycle Parts On Machine Tools
Mar 16, 2018

For motorcycle fans, the classic Moto-Guzzi roar is just like the sounds of nature. SIEMENS technology has been used to produce spare parts for the motorcycle.

Two professional motorcycle manufacturing companies are showing us how to make good use of digital system to improve the profit of producing single components.

HMB-Guzzi operates an online store that provides spare parts for Moto Guzzi. If the original part of a component has been discontinued, the company will commission the component again.

Kodlin Harley Motorcycle modification company specializes in refitting Halley Davidson motorcycle for customers' needs. For this reason, it also needs to produce corresponding parts by itself. Both manufacturers used SIEMENS's Sinumerik control system to control machine tools. In most cases, the system can greatly reduce the programming workload of a single component and increase productivity.