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Learn Basic Knowledge Of Motorcycle Tire Maintenance
Dec 02, 2016

Most of the domestic high-performance tires are introduced in the form of imports, in addition to high prices, the domestic also has a lot of specialized stores selling second-hand tires, although the difference in the price of a large portion may be able to save an overhead, However, these second-hand from unknown origin, the quality is still hidden a lot of worries. Here to remind you that, in addition to carefully observe the production year, the other is carefully observe the tread surface of the rubber material with or without cracking, tread depth, tire wall with or without deformation traces, the other is the inner ring And the bead lip with or without signs of damage. Although many sellers will mark the new 90%, 80% of the new slogans and low-cost promotions to attract consumers, but this is related to the safety of life when riding things, do not lose big.

Motorcycle tires in addition to have superior grip, but also shoulder the slippery road surface drainage and low temperature environment can quickly reach the working temperature and so on.

The importance of tire pressure

Tire pressure is a motorcycle most likely to change one of the variables, the tire pressure is definitely adjusted on a regular basis without any harm, but most riders are often overlooked the importance of tire pressure.

If your car's daily riding environment is more stable in the rain on the road, it is recommended that you check the tire pressure once a week. On the contrary, if you often pass on sand and gravel mixed road, it is best to check the tire pressure every day to two days.