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LJ150 Side-Car Test Activity
Aug 24, 2017

While the heat wave full of us, and it is Summer now, it’s not just the heat of the weather, we also have the enthusiasm and support from riders to Luojia.


On June 27, Luojia LJ150B Side-Car new products try riding activities organized by Luoyang Northern Enterprises Group CO., LTD successfully concluded in 2017.

As the host, we invited Side-Car motorcycle club senior members in Zhengzhou, Shangqiu, and Luoyang in Henan and Jinan in Shandong to actively involve in. The activity aims to strengthen the marketing of the Luojia Side-Car. Having in-depth excavation of the consumers’ demand and improving the brand influences of Luojia Side-Car, through the deep communication with senior users and consumers.Now, let's look back on the grand occasion of that day.

The riders, club members and consumers from all over the country arrived early at 9:30 a.m. greatly thank them for their hard work to participate in the activity.


Our staffs organize everyone to visit the company and know about the relevant products after the check-in, and deepen everyone’s intuitive impression of the company. Believe everyone is curious about the upcoming ride activities!

The model try to ride is Luojia LJ150B Side-Car, that's right, is them ——

Luojia LJ150B Side-Car, its frame takes high strength and high quality alloy steel material, and the Side-Car is equipped with removable high strength sidecar frame, which ensures the safety of driving.

It adopts new design and the frame takes high strength alloy steel material, which ensures the safety and fastness of the vehicle. The side hopper adopts completely new design, connected with a multi-link steel pipe in the middle of the body, which is durable and stylish. In addition, an enclosed container behind the side bucket seat, which greatly enhances the carrying space.

About the dynamical aspect, LJ150B is equipped with a new Luojia OTL power platform 200cc engine. The maximum power of 11.2 kW (15.2 Ps) / 9000rpm, and the maximum torque is 13.5 Nm / 6500rpm.

Here, the important scene of the try riding comes!


The flying feeling.


The healthy stunt!


The big smile


And the focused eyes.

Everyone is involved in this activity, and they put forward many valuable opinions and suggestions about the car's power, stability and all the details after the test. Our technical personnel present have made a detailed record of the riders’ try riding experience, making the patient's explanation about their questions.

There are many different poses to see the Luojia LJ150B Side-Car~


Standing to see.


Lift to see.

We have to admire their meticulous professional spirit.

In the afternoon, "Luojia Side-Car try driving test tasting" is held at the meeting room in the North Enterprise Group CO., LTD. The riders take in-depth communication, and their feelings and suggestions for improvement are put forward. The drivers in the union give consistent high praise to Luojia LJ150B Side-Car, and they put forward many suggestions and improvement plans.

The company leadership at the tasting meeting said that thanks to many riders’ love for Luojia, and we will try to make high quality and high grade Side-Car to repay society. Create consumer satisfactory products depending on military spirit and quality.


In the end, let's go over the video about the try riding activity.