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LUOYANG NOTRHERN ENTERPRICES GROUP CO., LTD Has Participated In The Exhibition Of China (Yanshi) Fifth Annual Tricycle New Energy Vehicle Exhibition
Dec 08, 2017

In 2017, China (Yanshi) fifth annual tricycle new energy vehicle exhibition and Industry Development Summit Forum was held in the industrial agglomeration area of Yanshi on the 23-25 day of April. Under the guidance of the concern of the leaders of the company, the tricycle department was carefully prepared and represented the company successfully. After knowing that the Fifth China (Yanshi) tricycle new energy vehicle exhibition was held in Yanshi, the tricycle division promptly reported the related situation to the company leaders. The leadership of the company attaches great importance to, and gives strong support, and gives clear guidance to the exhibition. The purpose of the exhibition is to enhance dalati brand awareness, promotion of new oil and electricity dual-purpose electric bicycle and increasing range of the latest electric two wheelers, develop new customers, expand sales. The exhibition covers two kinds of special models, such as the two wheeled vehicles, the three wheels, the four wheeled sightseeing wheels and the sanitation garbage truck.  As the exhibition vehicle is novel and beautiful, it has been favored by the dealers of the participants. During the exhibition booth dalati bustling crowded. People actively understand the performance of products, prices and so on, have asked for publicity pages, contact methods, and so on. Yanshi municipal Party committee secretary Song Yilin and other leaders to Daluojia booth, is very interested in the old military enterprises, sit down a detailed understanding of Luojia product performance, production and operation of enterprises, and make the Yanshi motorcycle industry thanks to the contributions of North enterprise group. The media and other media in the East have conducted interviews with our company. A total of more than 2000 publicity pages were sent to the exhibition, and more than 80 businesses were intending to do business. They reached the expected purpose of the exhibition and laid a good foundation for future development. After the exhibition, the tricycle business department carding and following up the dealer's information, striving to transform it into a real sales volume as soon as possible, conducting a special discussion on the development trend of the vehicle, and deploying how to transform it into a viable productivity.