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Major Changes In The UK Lead-acid Battery Market Of Motorcycle Will Be Affected By The New Regulations.
Aug 22, 2018

Major changes in the UK lead-acid battery market of motorcycle will be affected by the new regulations.

The MCN reported in July that a new British law is expected to have a major impact on lead-acid batteries sold on the current market.

According to the report, sulfuric acid is contained in the battery solution of traditional lead-acid battery packs, which can be used as a basic raw material for explosive production. Under the new regulations, any user who has purchased a dry battery before July 1 must load the battery liquid before November 1 of this year if they do not have a valid EPP (Explosives, Precursors and Poisons, Explosives, Toxicants and Related Primary Status Materials) license. These batteries, which would be subject to criminal prosecution (meaning that they would not be allowed to be stored separately without a permit), could be a charge of terrorist activity.

Under local British law, a licence to buy more than 15% sulphuric acid costs 39.5 ($346). The report concluded that the local lead-acid battery industry is actively monitoring changes in the market environment to make countermeasures.

It is not excluded that these regulations will be further promoted to the whole European and American market. For many domestic lithium battery enterprises which are already exporting to these regions, the market is likely to expand.