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Motorcycle Tire Manufacturer - Bead Rupture
Dec 02, 2016

The tire is installed on the rim when it is facing the first danger, because the diameter of the tire and the wheel diameter is the same, the only way, the tire and the rim can be tightly bite. But because of the diameter of the rim of the rim to be slightly larger than the diameter of the tire tire, so when the tire is installed tires will sometimes torn, so that "not yet out of the division to die first," This is the most distressing.

The most common cause of tread rupture is the original installation method - crowbars and sledgehammer, this primitive installation methods often tires were subject to varying degrees of injury. Fortunately, this installation method has been less and less, the installation of tires has been gradually mechanized, but the machine is not 100% can guarantee that will not damage the hatch, which requires very careful in the installation is. Tires after the first installation of the danger, not always safe, because in its long years may often be stabbed in the future, will be repaired after being stabbed, it is necessary to face the risk of installation again. In short, tire tires cut the tire damage is great, here advise the driver friend, when installing tires, it is best to go to the tire store or a tire installation machine to install the place to avoid damage to the tread .