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Motorcycle Tire Manufacturer - The World's Authoritative Quality Certification
Dec 02, 2016

The fetus is sold as a commodity, like any other commodity, around the world. The US tire factory also set up factories in Japan, the Japanese tire factory also set up factories in the United States, all countries are the same, your products to be sold to other countries, and other countries of the products, also sold to your country. In order to keep the quality of tires, so that the quality of the tires can have a standard, the world will set up a variety of organizations, these organizations are tire sector authority, according to their organization's requirements, exports to their own tires Testing, in line with the requirements of their own organizations, will be issued in the name of their own organizations certificate, certified tires can be sold in member countries of the organization, otherwise, they can not be sold in these countries. These organizations are the most authoritative organizations, to get their certification is very difficult, but also because of this, in turn, those who are certified by these organizations, the quality of their tires are very reliable.

As a pilot, to understand the quality of these world authoritative department is very necessary. All tires have one of these organizations certification, you can rest assured that use. The authoritative department of the world's quality certification are: DOT - the US Department of Transportation quality certification. E - European Common Market Tire Safety Mark. JIS - Japan quality certification. ISO9000, ISO9001, ISO9002 - the international quality certification.