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Motorcycle Tire Manufacturers To Share The Skills To Use Bias Tires
Dec 02, 2016

① pay attention to the price. At present, China's tire market is chaotic, there is no unified management, there is no uniform price, and some distributors purchase different channels, and some distributors of the different rate of increase, therefore, the same tire may be a lot of difference. Therefore, in the purchase of tires, where possible, ask a few is a wise choice.

② currently imported tires are generally not taken with the inner tube, with the tire industry jargon, is the "tires" rather than "set of tires." But generally with the inner tire tires to go, and some with imports of inner tubes, and some domestic tubing, therefore, and sales to negotiate price, to make it clear that the "tire" or "set of tires"; is imported Inner tube, or domestic tube. These small things also need to make it clear that in order to avoid misunderstanding.

③ check their own buy tires. First check the model and the number of layers, and secondly to check the carcass structure. In addition, to check whether the appearance of rubber material off, pattern is neat, sidewall marking is complete, clear, bead (with the wheel interface) is deformed or scratched. And then to check the origin, introduced in front of the tire, the basic introduction of their origin, to see their own choice of tires is not their origin to produce. And domestic tires will have to look at the plant is not produced, is not "A" -level products. In addition to a special inspection of the tire on the trademark is intact. General domestic tire manufacturers to produce substandard products, not destroyed, but the price of processing, but the factory will generally wear off the mark on the tire to show substandard products, but some vendors, and customers do not say , Still according to qualified product sales. Therefore, when you buy a domestic tire, be sure to check its trademark.