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LUOYANG NORTH ENTERPRISES Promotes The New 1221 Project Of The Burma Market
Dec 09, 2017

In order to carry out the spirit of the general manager's work report in 2017, and vigorously promote the company's work plan for marketing products in Burma in 2017, the North enterprises group discussed the implementation plan of the new "1221" project in Burma market through visits, interviews and seminars. The implementation scheme of Burma market the new "1221" project centered on the core product innovation, continue to consolidate the traditional advantage of three hot-selling models to improve the quality and performance of the two cars, to promote sales scale; increase two new models C50 and WAVE125  Burma state development efforts, and strive to improve the influence of the two models in the Burma market; new bend beam motorcycle "innovation developed a with independent intellectual property rights of the working target, carry out three production models to improve the quality of three new models promote the three new products to market quickly.