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Riding Skills During Complex Road
Jan 31, 2018

A.Ride on mountain road: one side of the mountain road, the other side is a cliff or river. There are narrow roads, many corners, many caves and limited vision. You should choose the road or backing side of the Middle Road, turn should keep in mind the "slow, appropriate whistle, right" the essentials, always pay attention to cars and roads opposite. The danger section should stop to see clearly and pass slowly on the premise of ensuring safety.

B. ditches riding: vehicles across the shallow gully should be slow and slow, and inclined to cross into, across the deeper canals, the use of one block through. When entering the bottom of the ditch, the accelerator should be increased to make the wheel climb up the top of the ditch quickly.

C. through the valley and gully: gully is usually washed by water, and should be selected in a proper position. Before passing, we should observe the car before parking. Then, when approaching the shore at low speed, we should control the wheels slowly into the valley by braking, and let the front wheels slowly fall to the bottom of the valley, so we must not blindly and quickly explore the bottom.

D. through the steep slope: the steep slope should be timely judged the slope situation, according to the vehicle climbing ability to change the high gear or low gear in advance. It is necessary to keep the vehicle with sufficient power, not to change the gear after the inertia of the vehicle, so as to prevent the parking or the rear slip. If you are forced to stop, you should stop and start again so as not to damage the machine parts or even cause an accident. In case the shift is unsuccessful, the car should be stopped with foot brake and hand brake immediately (do not pinch the clutch handle). If the car is still unable to stop, the car handlebars should be turned to the side of the mount, with the tail of the car on the mountain, and the vehicle will be stopped by the natural barrier. In the downhill, the speed of the engine can be controlled by the drag effect of the engine, and the skid skidding can be avoided.