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Study On The Advanced Deeds Of Jiao Yulu And Yang Kuilie By The Organization Of The Commission For The Discipline Of Luoyang North Enterprises
Dec 13, 2017

Recently, Luoyang North Enterprises take many ways to carry out the nineteen spirit seriously. In order to further strengthen the work style construction, carry forward the hard pioneer and selfless dedication, honesty and professional spirit, discipline organization in October 31st North enterprise headquarters and North Trade Company of more than 50 party members and leading cadres to the CITIC Heavy Machinery Company to learn a new era of Jiao Yulu Jiao Yulu and Yang Kui good cadre strong deeds. Jiao Yulu and Yang Kuilie have been living in Luoyang mining machinery factory (now known as CITIC Heavy Machinery Company), in which Jiao Yulu "Luokuang" after 9 years of work to Lankao served as party secretary.