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The Enactment Of The Most Stringent New Regulations Of Electric Motorcycle
Jun 29, 2018

The enactment of the most stringent new regulations of electric motorcycle

After years of development, electric bicycles can now be said to have entered thousands of households and fully integrated into everyone's life. At the same time, the traffic safety accidents caused by electric vehicles, and the fire accidents caused by electric vehicle charging occurred, which caused many casualties and caused the attention of the relevant departments. Now, the new rule of electric vehicle has finally come, and the standards are stricter.

According to the latest new standards, the safety performance of electric bicycles will be improved in an all-round way. The maximum speed of the electric vehicle will be adjusted from 20km/h to 25km/h, and the vehicle quality (including battery) will be adjusted from 40kg to 55kg.

The power of the electric bicycle is also adjusted from 240W to 400W. The new standard also provides mandatory provisions for foot riding. From publication to formal implementation, the new standard will have a transitional period from six months to 1 years.