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The First Aid Of Motorcycle After Water
Dec 05, 2016

Motorcycle in motion, once wading into the water, easily lead to water the main components are the vehicle fuel supply system, circuit control system, followed by the engine, ignition, generators and fuel tanks and other components, and water infiltration Fuel supply system, including carburetor, air filter.

2) from the air filter inlet into the carburetor; 3) from the carburetor of the fuel tank into the fuel tank into the carburetor into the carburetor; The vent line goes directly into the carburetor. (Some of the motorcycle models spark plug position is lower, forming a similar concave (Figure 1), the ignition coil, the ignition coil, high-pressure hood, spark plugs and starter switches (some motorcycle models spark plug position is low, Pit switch, easier to produce water). And the most vulnerable to infiltration of water after the high-voltage cap is the place and turn off the switch and poor insulation performance of the ignition and ignition coil, but also will cause short circuit between the circuit problem.