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The Professional Skills Competition of Motorcycle In 2017 Concluded Successfully
Dec 05, 2017

To implement the 2017 Luoyang city workers occupation skill competition notice spirit, to further enhance the North enterprise group staff skills of motorcycle, mobilize and guide the masses of workers based on the job, innovation, constantly improve the quality of skills, make a positive contribution to promote the "135" development ideas, the trade union committee, the human Resources Department recently jointly organized the motorcycle occupation skill competition of employees in 2017. By the end of October, the competition was successfully completed.

In order to make the activities carried out smoothly to achieve the desired objectives, the company set up a deputy secretary of the Party committee, union president Chen as director, vice chairman of the trade union, the Communist Youth League Secretary Zhang Xueliang Qin Pengfei, the manager of human resources department deputy director Li Weiguo, chairman of production management, manufacturing and departments related to leadership and technical people as members of the organizing committee, the organizing committee set up under the the office, office located in the labor union of the company responsible for the specific implementation, coordination and competition.

According to the Luoyang Municipal Federation of trade unions issued "on the issuance of the 2017 Luoyang city workers occupation skill competition work notice" spirit, combined with the actual situation of our company, the skills competition in electric welder, CNC lathe thongsay types of competition, organization and implementation of the plastic injection molding industry and engine fitter (company level) two types of competition.

In August, the company for theoretical training and welders, CNC lathe was carried out.

In the training of the post, 6 players were selected and participated in the race race held by the Municipal Federation of trade unions in the Locomotive technical school in September.

The two category (company level) competition division test and actual operation two parts, accounting for 30% and 70% respectively. Since late September, the plastic injection molding machine and the engine assembler theory test and practical operation have been organized, and 84 athletes participated in the competition. After a comprehensive evaluation, Liu Xiaohua, Li Bibo, Wei Zhuan in the plastic injection molding industry won the contest before three, Ma Zhenyue, Zhao Laiwei, Li Zhongqiu won the engine fitter contest before three.

The company will reward the contestants of the two category (company level) competition in accordance with the company's technical award criteria. According to the Luoyang Municipal Federation of trade unions "on 2017 issued by the Luoyang municipal workers occupation skill contest work notice" provisions, the first player competition, will be named the "outstanding chief of staff of Luoyang city" (certificate), and the declaration of Luoyang City Labor Medal by the program.