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Youth League Members Use Actual Action To Publicize The LUOJIA Motorcycles
Dec 07, 2017

With the retro quietly popular, companies in the "135" development strategy under the guidance of the timely development of the LJ150B the sidecar, in order to fully promote the company growth models, in support of the marketing center, recently organized youth weekend breaks, vehicle exhibition in the Wanda Plaza, Quanshun shopping center of the downtown shopping District, the publicity campaign has accumulated for 3 times. Under the close cooperation of the marketing center and the Company Youth League Committee, after a series of careful preparations, such as the selection of activity locations, the production of publicity cards, the training of personnel, etc., the vehicles at the scene of the activity often draw in and enjoy the photos of the past citizens. In the company of members of the youth enthusiasm to explain, more people know about dalati Luojia motorcycle, motorcycle, the positive role of publicity for the company's products. In the follow-up work, the Communist Youth League Committee will take the nineteen convened Dongfeng to further guide the youth members to make contributions based on their positions, and lead the youth members to play a greater role in accelerating the "135" development process.

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